Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Prepare to experience a powerful, engaging and thought-provoking presentation that is personalized. Vera seamlessly weaves in your organization’s challenges, core values and objectives while lending her own powerful story and anecdotes to compliment your overall theme and product messaging. 

She offers versatile, industry-specific presentations along with her Signature Keynote Presentation for Leadership, Sales, Technology, Healthcare, Safety, Change Management, Diversity, Education, Athletics, Disability, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Financial Organizations and so much more!

After the presentation is finished, audiences can expect to be able to:

* Be encouraged and empowered with strategies to activate and cultivate a positive

mindset to overcome life’s inevitable fouls.

* Feel greater significance, and a greater sense of leadership, community, and

service, in all endeavors, personal and professional.

* As Vera puts it, “look into the mirror and see if your purpose is staring back.”

* Trust your vision, or the dreams you have for your life, and be inspired to move

forward with faith and fortitude to WIN!

Vera is not just a speaker. She is a genuine, humble, engaging, seed planter who takes tremendous pride in personally connecting with her audiences, in understanding their trials and triumphs, and in hearing that in some modest way she has helped them to grow.


Some of Vera’s favorite quotes and messages:


The story about her son….it absolutely touched my soul. I needed to hear this

today.” – Angel F.

“I never thought I’d learn such a great lesson from a story about a Pigeon!” –

Andrew S.

“I played sports all through high school and I love athletics, so I really liked the

way you relate basketball to life. I sure needed your message today. I have been a

principal at a large middle school for the past 6 years and I have started to feel

worn out and lost my drive. Your message hit home, and I feel inspired now, so

thank you.” -  Tom L.

“Vera’s son has a gem of a mother to motivate him. Wish every Andrew out there

could have such an inspiration and motivator. Glad I got to be motivated too.” -

Anuvhab K.

“All I can say is WOW!! Vera was truly encouraging as we are all fighting against

or for something. Everybody's struggle is different so I must focus on mine and

have faith that I will overcome!” – Veronica K.

“I was not particularly happy about having to be in attendance at the conference

where you spoke.  However, you changed my life that day and I am beyond

thankful to you. You were on the stage telling the story about your life and your

son, and you kept saying, “Play through the Foul.”  That day it all came together

for me. Failing the bar 3 times was just a foul and I had to “play through….”  I left

there that day determined to give it one more chance.  So I did and I passed!  After

being out of law school for 14 years, failing the bar 3 times, and being a single

parent of an active four-year-old, I decided to “play through the foul” one more

time and it paid off. You were instrumental in me taking that first step.  It was time

for me to stop successfully settling and follow the path that God had laid for

me. Continue to speak and motivate others, your words truly moved me to action. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Althea W.

“God knew exactly what I needed. He sent me to hear you today.” - Dianna W.

“I just wanted to say I LOVED IT! I laughed, I cried, I bought the t-shirt. Vera was

truly entertaining and inspiring. And I do believe ‘WE GOT THIS!’” – Kathy R.

“Vera Jones’ stories not only make you laugh, but also get you to think critically

about where you want to be in life.” – Jeff R.

“Vera was A…MA…ZING!!! You should really have told us to bring tissue, and/

or to NOT wear mascara! All joking aside, I cannot begin to list my takeaways

from this experience! She really put rising above into perspective. - Amanda G.

“Vera Jones really made me sit and think about my goals and inspired me to

achieve them.” Melody D.

Professional Development & Leadership Training Services

Play Through the Foul™ Team Building and Communication Training

A highly interactive and fun workshop designed to empower, enlighten and encourage effective interpersonal communication, particularly given challenging group dynamics. A hit with sports teams as well as corporate or social groups seeking to improve team unity and overall productivity. Key training topics include: Leadership; Accountability; Valuing Diversity; Goal Achievement and Interpreting Communication and Social Styles Differences.

Excellence you can count on because Training comes with “E’s”

Empowerment: Breakout group sessions stimulate original ideas, team dynamics and leadership.


Enlightenment: Innovative communication strategies and theories are presented for practical application in real life settings.


Encouragement: Grounded with interactive sports principles and activities, participants learn to value others and are compelled to cheer each other on, encouraging significance for everyone.


Empathy: Pre-Consultation sessions assure workshops are sensitive to your individual dynamics and concerns. Participants learn the true value of overcoming obstacles by caring about each other, the team goal, and the team’s success.


Effectiveness: Post-Workshop evaluations and periodic follow up consultations help to measure your team’s growth and training success. Expect a shift towards an improved, motivated team and culture.


Enthusiasm: Learning to be a better communicator and teammate couldn’t possibly be more fun! Play Through the Foul training sessions are loaded with interactive excitement!

Diversity Training with the "Diversity Duo"

Vera Jones has joined forces with Dr. Rebecca Heiss to enhance Play Through the Foul Team Building and Communication Training.  Known as The Diversity Duo, these incredibly talented ladies combine Coach Jones's sports-infused, empathic leadership training platform with Dr. Heiss's scientific brain research to provide organizations a training team like no other! Specifically designed to overcome the “fouls," stressors, and biases inherent in interpersonal relationships, Vera and Rebecca  have brought their "Win Twin" powers together to provide highly informative, engaging, and empowering training workshops and presentations.  Topics include empathic and scientific grounded solutions for understanding implicit biases, workplace fears and distrust, and communication style conflicts.

A Teamwork Tandem!

If you are looking for serious strategies and solutions for tackling tough relational issues like racial, gender, sex, or disabilities biases and insensitivities that tend to permeate and debilitate even the greatest organizations, call the Diversity Duo in black and white to make things go right!

Frequent Questions


Play Through the Foul began as a basketball saying used to empower a player to stay focused on the goal when trying to score a basket, instead of the foul or opposition that might hinder that objective. In reality it is a life concept or an attitude for overcoming adversity. Vera Jones wrote her first book, Play Through the Foul – Basketball Lessons for the Game of Life© under the realization that when we're not prepared or trained to play through our interpersonal fouls, we're more likely to be defeated by them. With the understanding that the greatest adversity we all face is in effectively communicating and relating to one another, Play Through the Foul Team Building and Communications Skills Training Workshops were born.


We provide training to help individuals and teams become more empowered, enlightened and encouraged as effective interpersonal communicators for the betterment of team unity and productivity.


We develop, design and deliver training seminars and workshops that are motivational, educational, interactive and entertaining. Training forums are typically classroom or conference room based settings. Standard workshops are four hours, but sessions are time tailored for as brief as a one-hour professional development session to more extensive two-day retreats. Our goal and motto is to structurally provide training with “E’s”: Empowerment, Enlightenment, Encouragement, Empathy, Effectiveness and Enthusiasm.


We provide winning team building and communication solutions for athletic, business and community organizations all over the country. We specialize in educational forums, sports and women’s groups. Our most requested training topics include: Interpersonal Communication, Leadership, Diversity, Athletic or Academic Achievement. Larger organizations like the US Patent and Trademark Office and Walmart have taken advantage of Play through the Foul Training, but small churches and community organizations have found tremendous value in the training as well. Educational leaders such as the Florida Association of School Administrators (FASA) as well as individual school districts and schools are regular training participants. The short answer is we train for everyone who is looking to improve their team’s motivation, communication and cohesiveness!


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