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Speaking Session

"Now I See" Signature Keynote 


Vera’s signature story ignites belief that for every piece of pain there’s a powerful piece of purpose! Chronicling the daunting emotional and physical challenges her son faced in being diagnosed with a brain tumor and blindness, Vera reveals critical lessons for resilience, change, and finding significance in the midst of adversity. Sometimes humorous, always engaging, this single mom brings spiritual and mindset transformation, moving audiences “from Blindness to Breakthrough!” Vera’s passionate presentation was adapted by Goalcast in October 2017, instantly going viral to become one of their most watched videos with over 47-million views and counting! The riveting book, NOW I SEE: A Journey of Prophecy, Pain, and Purpose (Oct. 2019) is available to compliment this powerful keynote.


ENCOURAGED to cultivate a “winner’s mentality” or positive mindset to overcome life’s inevitable fouls.

EQUIPPED with poignant, relatable strategies for resilience and change such as Vera’s Blind Life and Leadership Lessons and The B.E.N.C.H.

EMPOWERED to “look into the mirror and see if your purpose is staring back.”

ENTHUSED with a greater sense of significance, empathic leadership, and service; to make a boldly positive difference in the lives of our customers, communities, employees, students, teammates....our world!

NOTE: Now I See is also available as an interactive breakout session ideal for moving “from Blindness to Breakthrough” during Covid-19! Vera Jones is an experienced virtual presenter.


"Leadership 6-S" 


Leadership 6-S – There is great truth in the adage, “They won’t care what you know until they know that you care.” This is the brainchild behind Vera’s six principles of empathic leadership. Vera stimulates empathy, higher thinking, and laughter with memorable stories like “I Got It!” and her own personal trials with a “bad boss.” The presentation is designed to help participants explore opportunities for growth in their professional capacities supervising, teaching, coaching, or simply relating with others. When you put “6” and “S” together, you get “Success!” That’s just what Vera delivers! This keynote is also available as a breakout session and touches on strategies in various areas including sensitivity, communication, resilience, and employee engagement.

Vera’s “often repeated in conference hallways” quips:
~ “Stank Face” –
Leaders who obviously lack real friends. ~ “Shrinkage” – Conflict averse leadership.

~ “I GOT IT!” – So powerful you’ll want the T-shirt!


This presentation invites participants to:

- lead with clarity and confidence from an engagement and innovation focus of “I Can.”

- understand the mindset, the “how to,” and the importance of communicating significance and security as primary principles in your organizational, community, or social leadership role.

- become motivated to lead others through adversity, as this is when true, empathic leadership is needed most. You matter!

Girls Don't Whistle Keynote

 A Diversity Keynote Hard to Forget


Girls Don’t Whistle? – With the help of the Andy Griffith Show theme song, this Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion presentation invites audiences to change their relational tunes for the better. Vera believes stimulating greater empathy and building trust are major keys for opening doors bolted by biases, fear, and ignorance. She examines the stages of distrust, and how to communicate truth to dismantle it. Tempering the need for honest self- introspection, Vera sheds light on why we react blindly to differentness and therefore perpetuate stigmas and negative stereotypes. Always geared towards conflict resolution, Vera brings simple solutions to an otherwise tense or difficult subject. Powerful, relatable, enlightening, and entertaining personal narratives, including her unforgettable experience as a country radio DJ named “Bobbi Jones,” are a breath of fresh air in the midst of our current, challenging social realities. This presentation is also available as an interactive breakout.



After hearing Vera’s keynote, audiences can expect to:

- learn how to become a positive voice for reconciliation and acceptance simply by valuing differences.


- identify personal blind spots and biases without all the drama and guilt that binds progress towards unity.


- learn the empathic, little, three letter word that is a proven strategy to cut through communication roadblocks as it pertains to diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges.


- determine if a simple theme song stuck in your head can help you open your heart.

TTT Vera Shot

The Ten Turtle Tenets



The Ten Turtle Tenets – A Lifetime Rx : Vera reveals 10 principles for general wellness and positive living, particularly when faced with overcoming obstacles (like Covid-19!) Her narrative is captivating – creatively weaving mystery, suspense, and humor. Vera throws in her own witty prescription for a “chill pill” that allows audience members to self-assess their wellness needs. Expect to leave inspired and to think positively about the endless possibilities in life instead of succumbing to adversity and anxieties, thanks to theories revealed by Vera’s very peculiar turtle named “Mom.”



• GAD (general anxiety disorder) affects 6.8 million adults, or 3.1% of the U.S. population, yet only 43.2% are receiving treatment. (Anxiety and Depression Association of America)


• Women are generally twice as more likely to experience anxiety-related disorders than men (ADAA)


• Nearly 8 in 10 (78%) of American adults say that Covid-19 is a significant source of stress in their lives. (American Psychological Association – Stress in America 2020)



You can expect to walk away from this keynote (or breakout):


- inspired to prioritize your health and well-being, and those of your family and employees.


- more performance-equipped to handle stress with Vera’s signature “Speminphsoenfi” work-life balance prescription.


- prepared with practical techniques and tips for staying positive during challenging times....and a newfound love for turtles.


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