Vera Jones is a Motivational Speaker, Professional Development Coach, Author, Award-Winning Television and Radio Broadcaster, and Syracuse University Hall-of-Fame Scholar-Athlete. She is most widely known for her extensive background in broadcasting, serving as a Women’s Basketball Analyst and Reporter for various networks over the past two decades including her current 12-year remote and studio analyst tenure with the Big Ten Network. Her broadcast experience also includes ESPN, Fox Sports, Madison Square Garden Network, and NBA-TV. While Vera still enjoys a career broadcasting sports, she passionately pursues her purpose by empowering individuals and teams to "Play Through the Foul" of adversity and win in this game of life!


A naturally gifted communicator, Vera's resume includes over a decade as a radio personality at several radio stations from New York to Florida. She was tabbed the South Carolina Broadcaster's Association "Personality of the Year" in 1994 as a Country Radio Morning Show Co-Host. Her "Bobbi Jones" Country Radio DJ impression has become hilariously popular with audiences everywhere! Other entertainment endeavors have included acting with the Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company and stand-up comedy.

Keynote Speaker, Coach & Corporate Trainer

Vera earned her Master's Degree from the prestigious Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University where she first developed an interest in understanding the psychology of interpersonal communication. She also excelled as a scholar-athlete. Laboring several years coaching collegiate basketball with stops at the University of Dayton and Indiana University, the groundwork was set for Vera to develop a sports-minded, communication training platform. Additionally, working in the corporate sector for Fortune 500 companies such as Wells Fargo and Procter & Gamble, grounded Vera with empathic understanding for the many fouls that can occur in the workplace as well as in our personal lives. Today, as President of Vera's VoiceWorks, she applies her diversified career experiences in leadership training platforms to coach, empower, and energize individuals and organizations to overcome their fouls to achieve success. She encourages people to “look in the mirror and see if your purpose is staring back,” and to “empathically lead through service in your purpose.”

Real Woman, Real Adversity, Real Victory!

A single-mom with a special needs son, Vera deeply understands the personal trials of life. Her empathic leadership approach has been aided by working on the school improvement committee of the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. She is on a mission of fidelity to uplift people to overcome adversity with the power of faith, unity, perseverance and purpose. Vera is the author of Play Through the Foul – Basketball Lessons for the Game of Life; New Best Friend – A Little Book of Faith; and The Only Sun, a children's book, and personally narrated audiobook, which encourages us all to embrace the beauty and significance of our unique differences.  Vera has also co-authored The True Champions 30-Day Challenge, a Christian sports devotional with AJ Ali. These literary works complement her ability to empower, enlighten and entertain audiences of all ages.

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