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About vera

Vera Jones is a Motivational Speaker, Communication Coach, Author, Award-Winning Television and Radio Broadcaster, and Syracuse University Hall-of-Fame Scholar-Athlete. She is a relatable and often humorous speaker who thrives on empathy and emotional intelligence to connect and inspire. She is also known for her extensive, veteran background in broadcasting, serving over 30 years as a Women’s Basketball Analyst and Reporter for various networks, including ESPN, Fox Sports, Madison Square Garden Network, NBA-TV, and the Big Ten Network. Today Vera can still be seen as the host of the seasonal women's basketball show, Certifies Unscripted and her motivational podcast, Perseverance Live.


Vera is an MTI Certified Mediator and Trainer in Conflict Resolution and Founder of the

Perseverance Speaker’s Academy, providing individual and group coaching under the umbrella of Conflict and Communication. In the space of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion she serves as the Past President for Colorful Talks.  Vera deeply understands the personal trials of life and seeks to use her gifts of service in her faith-based mission to “help people blinded by life’s fouls trust their vision.”


With the emergence of Vera’s signature, platform speech, Trust Your Vision, in a 2017 Goalcast viral video of 47-million views and counting, Vera has commanded global recognition as an inspirational phenom.  Her style is best described as “Inspiring, funny, and relatable” as she passionately moves her audiences towards empathy, significance, service, and purpose. In line with her sports experience and philosophies, she helps individuals and teams “Play Through the Foul” with the power of faith, focus, and fortitude. An accomplished author, Vera’s books also reflect these powerful themes

Perseverancs Speakers Academy


The Perserverance Speakers Academy was Vera's brainchild of the Covid-19 pivot.

It is positive proof that quite often the most difficult times of our lives are opportunities for our greatest growth and innovative genius. Rather than succumb to the adversity of a world pandemic and a nation in racial and political unrest, Vera decided to use her speaking and coaching expertise to coach ordinary people with extraordinary stories to share their unique experiences and inspire a world in pain. Through twelve weeks of one-on-one coaching, online training modules, and weekly small group training sessions, Vera began helping people confidently develop their wisdom, passion, and pain into their professional speaking purpose. 

Vera takes great pride in coaching and developing a team of diverse professionals, known as The Perseverance Speakers, who have learned how to share their stories of inspiration and education to help others find hope and healing. Some have become motivational or inspirational speakers. Others have greatly polished their professional presentation skills for academic or corporate professionalism. All understand how their powerful messages of overcoming adversity bolster their professional expertise and inspire others to persevere.

Play Through the Foul

Vera is an MTI Certified Mediator and Trainer in Conflict Dynamics and Workplace Conflict Resolution. 

She earned her master's degree from the prestigious Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University where she first developed an interest in the psychology of interpersonal communication.

She also excelled as a scholar-athlete. Laboring several years coaching collegiate basketball with stops at the University of Dayton and Indiana University, the groundwork was set for Vera to develop a sports-principled, communication coaching and training platform.

Classes for Clashes

Additionally, working in the corporate sector for Fortune 500 companies such as Wells Fargo and Procter & Gamble, grounded Vera with empathic understanding for the many fouls that can occur in the workplace. Today, as President of Vera's VoiceWorks, LLC, she applies her diversified career experiences in leadership training platforms via Play Through the Foul Team Building and Communication Training to help leaders manage seemingly unmanageable workplace conflict.

Personal and organizational Conflict and Communication instruction is available via Vera’s “Classes for Clashes” online coaching course as well as in a more intimate, one-on-one coaching format. In 2023, Vera expanded her corporate coaching reach when she joined forces with Randstad RiseSmart as a Work-Life/Career Development Coach.

Vera's natural way of entertaining her audience
Vera Jones at Ignite event


Vera's resume includes over a decade as a radio personality at several radio stations from New York to Florida.  She was tabbed the South Carolina Broadcaster's Association "Personality of the Year" in 1994 as a Country Radio Morning Show Co-Host. Her comical "Bobbi Jones" Country Radio DJ impression is humorously popular with audiences and makes for a unique perspective on diversity. Other entertainment endeavors have included acting with the Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company and stand-up comedy, opening for nationally headlining comedians. 


A single mom with a son with disabilities, Vera deeply understands the personal trials of life.

Her empathic leadership approach has been aided by working on the school improvement committee of the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. In August 2020, Vera was elected as the inaugural board President for Colorful Talks, which provides educational tools for families to facilitate meaningful conversations and activities regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion with their school-aged children. She is passionate about her mission to uplift and unite by helping all people to become more empathic and collaborative.

Vera Jones and her contagious smile


   Vera continues to educate, entertain, and inspire diverse audiences and teams in the areas of:


  • Corporate and Government Leadership

  • Behavior, Styles, and 360° Assessment

  • Workplace Conflict Resolution

  • Executive and Managerial Coaching

  • Empathic Communication Training

  • Disabilities Education and Advocacy

  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Sensitivity

  • Work Life & Career Development

  • Public Speaking Training

  • Personal Development (LIFE)

  • Athletic Leadership and Team Building

  • Women's Initiatives

  • Wellness and Mindset Coaching

  • Youth Leadership



  Vera has a special heart and message to speak for education and disability related events.

  Her penchant for captivating audiences lies in her genuineness, insightfulness, relatability, and her ability to make    presentations interactive and fun!

  *All services are adaptable for VIRTUAL PRESENTATION!

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