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Since 2008, Vera Jones of Vera’s VoiceWorks, LLC  has been facilitating Play Through the Foul Team Building & Communication Training to corporate, government, academic, association, community, and athletic teams. Highly interactive and fun professional development workshops are designed to empower, enlighten, and encourage effective interpersonal communication, particularly given challenging group dynamics. PTTF Training Workshops are a win for any organization seeking to improve team unity and overall productivity. Key training topics include Empathic Leadership and Communication; Valuing Diversity; Goal Achievement; Conflict Resolution; Wellness; and Interpreting Communication/Social Styles.


Vera Jones presents fun, informative, and interactive training sessions, ideally in 3-4 hour workshops, but also available in condensed “Power Hour” professional development seminars. More extensive team-building sessions are tailored for retreats or ongoing conflict resolution objectives. All sessions are designed to help participants become more relational and relatable communicators and teammates. Coach Jones provides both theory and interactive exercises to uncover growth opportunities for awareness, accountability, and action for team-specific target areas. The ultimate goal is to help participants become effective and empathic co-workers, supervisors, leaders, and relational human beings overall.


  • More than 60% of workplace conflict has been reported to be a result of personality clashes. (

  • 95% of people believe they are self-aware, but only about 15% actually are. (

  • Managing conflict is the biggest challenge for most teams, but very few teams adequately plan or train for conflict resolution.

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This is Vera's special recipe for Leadership Success.

Participants are trained on 6 principles for Empathic Leadership.: 

Leadership 6s PDF
Girls Don't Whistle Breakout
Leadership 6-S One Sheet 2023
The Catch- The Art of Constructive Conflict Converstaions

Click the images for the downloadable pdf!

These presentations invite participants to:

- lead with clarity and confidence from an engagement and innovation focus of “I Can.”


- understand the mindset, the “how to,” and the importance of communicating significance and security as primary principles in your organizational, community, or social leadership role.


- become motivated to lead others through adversity, as this is when true, empathic leadership is needed most. You matter!

- gain more confidence, knowledge, and excitement about developing your brand, communication style, and message.


- become savvier in verbal and non-verbal communication.


- understand why the fear of public speaking is greater than the fear of death or spiders, and how a good movie helps!


- be empowered to become a more empathic and more effective communicator and leader overall.

- learn constructive and destructive responses to conflict and the hot buttons that most commonly make us all drop the ball.


- understand the difference between active and passive responses to conflict, and how to choose to react constructively.


- learn why “The Catch” is the fundamental key to empathic communication, and why there is never a win-win without it.


-be encouraged to “look into the mirror” and see if the bigger, conflict resolution-focused person is staring back.

Speaking Session
Now I See

Vera's NOW I SEE keynote is also available as a Mindfulness and Wellness breakout presentation that takes participants on a journey from Blindness to Breakthrough.  Vera invites her audience to take her "Chill Pill" Self Assessment for stress awareness and possible blinders to Life Balance. Her 7 Blind Life and Leadership Lessons are all revealed in the NOW I SEE book, available for bulk order pricing to complement this session. CONTACT US for more information.

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Play Through the Foul began as a basketball saying used to empower a player to stay focused on the goal when trying to score a basket, instead of the foul or opposition that might hinder that objective. In reality it is a life concept or an attitude for overcoming adversity. Vera Jones wrote her first book, Play Through the Foul – Basketball Lessons for the Game of Life© under the realization that when we're not prepared or trained to play through our interpersonal fouls, we're more likely to be defeated by them. With the understanding that the greatest adversity we all face is in effectively communicating and relating to one another, Play Through the Foul Team Building and Communications Skills Training Workshops were born.


We provide training to help individuals and teams become more empowered, enlightened and encouraged as effective interpersonal communicators for the betterment of team unity and productivity.


We develop, design and deliver training seminars and workshops that are motivational, educational, interactive and entertaining. Training forums are typically classroom or conference room based settings. Standard workshops are four hours, but sessions are time tailored for as brief as a one-hour professional development session to more extensive two-day retreats. Our goal and motto is to structurally provide training with “E’s”: Empowerment, Enlightenment, Encouragement, Empathy, Effectiveness and Enthusiasm.


We provide winning team building and communication solutions for athletic, business and community organizations all over the country. We specialize in educational forums, sports and women’s groups. Our most requested training topics include: Interpersonal Communication, Leadership, Diversity, Athletic or Academic Achievement. Larger organizations like the US Patent and Trademark Office and Walmart have taken advantage of Play through the Foul Training, but small churches and community organizations have found tremendous value in the training as well. Educational leaders such as the Florida Association of School Administrators (FASA) as well as individual school districts and schools are regular training participants. The short answer is we train for everyone who is looking to improve their team’s motivation, communication and cohesiveness!

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If effective communication is vital to your team’s success, Don’t drop the ball, give us a call!

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