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Helping People Blinded by Life’s Fouls Trust their Vision

Trust Your Vision and Play Through The Foul

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A Viral Video About Vision!

Vera Jones was best known as a Women’s Basketball Commentator for ESPN, and the Big Ten Network, until October 27, 2017 when a Goalcast video instantly went viral. With over 47 million views and counting, she has gained global recognition and demand by sharing her inspirational message crafted from her own life challenges of helping her 12-year old son through a brain tumor and blindness. Vera continues her mission to uplift the world with the principles and lessons of faith, vision, unity, perseverance, and purpose. Adversity is a foul that can blind us all. Vera shows us how to move from blindness to breakthrough, by finding the courage to trust your vision and play through the foul!


Vera Jones is a Motivational Speaker, Communication Coach, Author, Award-Winning Television and Radio Broadcaster, and Syracuse University Hall-of-Fame Scholar-Athlete. She is most widely known for her extensive background in broadcasting, serving as a Women’s Basketball Analyst and Reporter for various networks over the past two decades, including ESPN, Fox Sports, Madison Square Garden Network, and NBA-TV, and the Big Ten Network.

In 2020, Vera founded the Perseverance Speakers Academy and continues her Play Through the Foul Communications and Leadership Training Services, now with additional virtual presentation capabilities! Learn more about the Perseverance Speakers Academy!

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Helping people blinded by life’s fouls trust their vision.

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Helping people confidently develop their passion & pain into their professional speaking purpose.

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Certified Trainer in Workplace Conflict Resolution - Helping leaders manage seemingly unmanageable workplace adversity, Click Here!

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Trust Your Vision and Play Through The Foul


Vera has a unique, direct style that captures attention and keeps the audience engaged throughout. She is a joy and inspiration to hear!

Heroes Campaign Chairman - American Red Cross

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