Wendi R. Hyntley, Esq.

President The SPEC Group

"Vera is without question one of the most talented individuals with whom I have worked. Her dedication, work ethic and level of commitment to her work are unmatched. Her level of professionalism is one of her most unique qualities. I am honored to call her not just a client, but a close friend."

Mr. Lynn Coyne

Heroes Campaign Chairman - American Red Cross

"Vera has a unique, direct style that captures attention and keeps the audience engaged throughout. She is a joy and inspiration to hear!"

Teresa Waters

Department Chairwoman Career
Technology and Education Howard County Public Schools

"I've asked Vera to speak in various settings: at the Academy of Finance Workshop educating young business minds; in the classroom empowering high school students;, and in a gym of young athletes. I keep calling her to speak, and she keeps delivering the wisdom, humor and encouragement that is always perfect for the occasion."

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