#YOUWIN Challenge

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Let’s have some positive fun!! 😁😇 Follow the pattern! Post an adversity and a rhyming overcoming of it to participate in the ##YouWin Challenge! See examples below and add your creative twist in the comment section! It has to rhyme!! We’ll pick a winner soon! (If there are duplicate posts, tie goes to the first entry so act fast!)

The Vera Jones #YouWin Post Challenge!

If you are the victim of hate, and choose not to retaliate, #YouWin.

When only a little money you make, you give more than you take, #YouWin

When it’s easier to lie, but the truth you stand by, #YouWin

When it’s easier to just frown, but a smile you spread around, #YouWin

When your boss acts like a jerk, but you still do quality work, #YouWin

********************************************** Keep it fun, positive and motivating and #YouWin!

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