Same Vera, New Brand!

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Vera has been busy traveling and spreading her powerful message of playing through life's fouls in the midst of adversity.

More Content that connects!Vera and her team have heard your requests for more accessible inspirational messages. You will now be able to visit this site for Vera's Vision Weekly, a series of positivity posts to help you play through life's fouls.

Your Company's Vision with Vera!

Is your company or organization looking for communication, diversity, leadership, conflict resolution and women’s empowerment coaching? This is what we’re offering....

Winning Solutions for:



Employee Engagement

Empathic Communication

Diversity, Inclusion & Sensitivity

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Where's Vera?

Follow Vera's speaking engagements around the United States and beyond! In the Midst of an Insanely Hectic Traveling Schedule... Find out where on earth Vera is now!

The Ten Turtle Tenets

Book coming soon....

#PlayThroughTheFoul #TrustYourVision

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