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    Vera Jones, a professional motivational keynote speaker is committed in helping people to achieve their goals by providing an effective corporate leadership training and seminars on communication, leadership and motivational skills across Jacksonville, Florida.

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    Vera Jones, a Motivational Public Speaker has groomed her interpersonal, communication and leadership skills training across the arena of executive business coaching in Jacksonville, Florida.

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    Vera Jones, a corporate leadership trainer helps training people in improving public speaking and communication skills towards the Game of Life through her motivational books - Play Through the Foul & The True Champion's 30 Day Challenge.

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    Vera Jones, a Professional Motivational Keynote Speaker offers corporate leadership training by conducting team building workshops and seminars that are motivational, educational, interactive and entertaining in Jacksonville, Florida.

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    Get latest updates of events on Leadership, Motivation & Communication Seminars along with interpersonal and communicational skills training by Vera Jones, an Inspirational Speaker in Jacksonville Florida.

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    Read testimonials about Vera Jones – an Inspirational & Professional Woman Motivational Speaker Jacksonville Florida.

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    Contact Vera Jones, a Motivational Sports Speaker for executive business coaching, empathy training, effective leadership and communication skills training in Jacksonville Florida.

  • Play Through The Foul Book
    Play Through The Foul book by Vera Jones helps guiding people in improving communication skills and self esteem building towards the Game of Life.

  • The True Champion's 30 Day Challenge Book
    The True Champion's 30 Day Challenge book is about challenging yourself to change and get effective leadership skills, self esteem building and public speaking training by Vera Jones.




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